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Custom Braille Tactile Signs for Your Gym

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When you bought or built your gym, you may not have considered the need for braille tactile signs. In fact, you may have assumed that you would always have someone at the gym to help anyone needing sight services. Though this does help, it may not be as realistic when you move to 24-hour business operations or you begin expanding your business. For example, you may have rooms for yoga, meditation, private classes, bathrooms, showers and related areas. When this is the case, you need to have proper labelling. This is where custom braille tactile signs come in. Here are some ideas for the signs and how you can incorporate them into your gym business. 

Yoga Rooms

Gyms are moving to incorporating various types of workout options. One of those options is to have various types of yoga classes. These can range from pilates, one on one, yoga for weight loss and hot yoga. These are all vastly different types of yoga. With that in mind, you should consider having braille tactile signs for each one. This should be placed beside the doors and within easy reach of your gym members. 

Massage Rooms

Massage is something many gyms are offering. It is a way to work out muscle strains and maintain a sense of calm and relaxation after your workout. With that in mind, you should have braille signs that detail which massage rooms are in your building or a distinguishing sign. For example, you may tell the customer they will have their massage session in a specific room. These rooms should be detailed on each sign to help ensure the customer finds the correct room and their correct scheduled massage. 

Equipment Signs

You may have multiple types of equipment. What you may not consider is that this is not limited to your workout areas. You may have multiple options in your bathrooms as well as in your massage, sauna and even your tanning bed areas. Often, simply touching the item may not be enough for someone to understand what the item is or does. With that in mind, you should have your signs placed for equipment and possibly a quick note about that equipment if necessary. 

When you are ready to order your custom braille tactile signs for your gym, contact your sign services dealer. They will discuss the options and may refer you to their website. This will allow you to either upload the design you want to use or create the design using the business software. You can then order your braille signs and have them installed.