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Two tips for businesspeople who need to have custom exhibition stands designed for trade shows

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Here are two tips businesspeople should follow when having custom exhibition stands designed for trade shows.

They should ensure the exhibition stand is designed to allow for easy traffic flow

It's important for anyone who's having an exhibition stand designed to ensure it is structured in a way that allows for easy traffic flow. For example, if the floor space at the trade show venue is limited and the businessperson's exhibition stand needs to be relatively compact, they should keep this in mind when having any demo table made for it. If the demo table in the centre of the compact exhibition stand is quite large, it might be challenging for visitors to walk around it and view the other interactive features or custom text that has been integrated into the exhibition stand's walls. If those walking by the exhibition stand can see that there is a crowd of people within it who seem to be struggling to squeeze past one another, these other people are unlikely to stop and look at the stand's features.

If the exhibition stand will be quite large, the businessperson should ensure their custom stand is made with big entry and exit signs, as this will create a clear route for visitors to follow, which will prevent people from walking towards and bumping into one another. It will also reduce the chances of any protruding design features of the stand being damaged or knocked over, due to the stand area getting overcrowded.

They should consider whether they plan to use the exhibition stand in multiple trade shows

Any businessperson who's having a custom exhibition stand made should consider whether they'd like to use it for just one trade show or for multiple trade shows. This is important, as it could influence the materials they choose, how the stand needs to be designed and how much they should spend on it.

If for example, they want to use it for several trade shows, then they might want to have the signage company create a modular exhibition stand, that is designed to be taken apart and put back together easily, and that comes with parts that can be reconfigured to suit venues of differing sizes and shapes. Additionally, they may need to have the stand made with more expensive, durable materials, as one made of inexpensive materials might not be able to withstand being repeatedly handled and reconfigured. The latter could begin to look worn after a few trade shows. Conversely, if a businessperson only needs their stand for one trade show, it would be safe for them to opt for economical materials and to choose a simpler, non-modular structural design. 

For more info about custom exhibition stands, contact a local company.