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Selecting the Right Plastic Signage for Your Business

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There are different aspects that will affect the effectiveness of your business signage. The common factors that you should evaluate include the location of the sign, the graphic design, the message and the simplicity of the signage. These are the aspects that will determine your ability to reach the customer and the potential for positive response. In addition, you should consider the material used to display your advertising message.

The material is a critical element because it will affect the durability, visibility and quality of your signage. One of the ideal materials to consider for your business is plastic. This choice is inexpensive, so it is a suitable choice for young and growing companies. Moreover, the material is not susceptible to weather damage, corrosion or easy warping. Here are the main plastics to consider when choosing the ideal signage material for your company.


Acrylic is an important synthetic polymer in the manufacturing industry, and it is also commonly known as acrylic glass. This material is marketed and sold in stores under diverse trade names. It is a transparent product, so acrylic is an ideal choice if you want a minimalist, contemporary sign. The material has the aesthetic appeal of glass, but it is lightweight and shatter resistant. In addition, it can withstand high impact, without distortion or breakage. You can choose different style options, including glossy and translucent signage.


Polyvinyl chloride is a common plastic, so it is inexpensive compared to acrylic glass. This material is resilient and sturdy, so it can withstand harsh outdoor conditions. Moreover, it is a fairly versatile material when used in the fabrication of business signage. If you want a long-term PVC sign, you should choose expanded or foam PVC material. This is suitable for making rigid signs that are sleek and professional. You can also select this plastic in the creation of banners, particularly for special events and sales. The material is flexible and weatherproof compared to paper alternatives.


Vinyl is a durable plastic, and it is popular in the signage and advertising industry. The material is primarily utilised in creation of banners for companies. The material is tougher than cloth and other types of paper, so it is perfect for use in high traffic areas, in case people come in contact with your signage. You can choose diverse designs since digital printing on vinyl is easy. In addition, you can request for different gloss options to suit the potential lighting after placement.

For more information about the best options for your business signs, contact a local signage company.