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Important Tips for Choosing Business Sign Materials

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The signs you use inside and outside your business may be more important than you think; these signs create brand awareness for your visitors, as they have your name, slogan, logo, and other distinctive mark embedded in their memory, even without realizing it. Many signs are engraved rather than just painted, as this creates a more durable sign that is not as likely to wear out, fade in directly sunlight, change colour due to heat or chemical exposure, and the like. When you are ready to have business signs created and potentially engraved, note a few important tips you'll want to discuss with your sign maker.

1. How much handling of the sign

Consider a sign you hang on the door that needs to be turned when you open and close, a sign you put on a desk to note when someone is on break, the handle to a beer tap, and other such signs that are touched every single day. These signs will suffer lots of wear and tear, will absorb oil from a person's hands, and may be more readily worn down than a sign you simply hang outside a door. Consider metal or another very durable choice for such sign rather than wood, and have the engraving made more deeply so that it doesn't wear away from such constant handling.

2. Light and brightness of your space

Will a sign be placed in an area with direct sunlight? Glass and metal may reflect that light so that the sign actually can't be seen. This could also cause an uncomfortable glare. Wood will usually absorb light and disperse it, so a sign is more visible. On the other hand, if the sign will be in a dark hallway outside a building where there is lots of shade, a metal or glass sign can be the better option, as it will reflect what light is available and ensure the sign is more visible.

3. Weight of the sign

You may have your heart set on a modern-looking glass sign for outside your building, but thick glass can be very heavy and may need added work to anchor it to the building's frame. A heavy stone sign placed on the ground can also need added work to dig a trench for concrete to hold the sign in place. Metal is actually more lightweight than you may realize, and wood is also very light, so these can be a better option where weight is an issue for your business sign.