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Learn the Fantastic Benefits of Putting an A-Frame Sign Outside Your Business

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Signs are clearly an important part of drawing people into your business premises, but you should think about more than just the one stuck above your door. A variety of freestanding signs can also help boost your business, including the traditional A-frame.

Sometimes known as sandwich boards, these fold out to sit on the sidewalk – they're called A-frames because that's the shape they make when seen from the side. If your business has a location set along a sidewalk, here are just a few reasons why you should invest in an A-frame sign.

Fantastic Visibility

It doesn't matter how eye-catching your graphics are or how great your offers are, if the sign isn't in people's field of vision, it isn't going to do a very good job. Luckily enough, A-frames are practically impossible to ignore since they sit right at ground level and face the direction people are coming from either side. When people are walking or driving past, their eyes will naturally be attracted to your signage.

Easy Directions

It could be that your business is located inside or behind a building rather than having a door right onto the street. That means you won't be able to put a business sign on the building that faces the street, so it can be hard to draw people in or even let them know you're there. An A-frame can be set up to act as a beacon for people already looking for your business and point them in the right direction.

Light and Portable

There are several types of freestanding sign that can work wonders for your business, but A-frames tend to be the most portable. At the end of the day, you can simply fold them flat, pick them up, and store them just inside your building – they're light enough for just about anyone to move, and they don't take up much space.

Very Inexpensive

As signs go, A-frames are remarkably inexpensive. If you need a marketing strategy that's going to be effective while not costing the Earth, A-frames are perfect. Better yet, they're extremely durable and not susceptible to fading, so you can use the same signs for years and years without any need for reinvestment.

Flexible Messaging

Even a regular A-frame sign offers two faces, so you're free to provide a different message on each side to bring in a more varied selection of customers and advertise different parts of your business. Some companies can even print on both sides of each face, so you can turn them over and have a different message ready to go. That means four signs in one!