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4 Places to install your 3D business signs

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3D signs are a unique and attractive type of signage for any business. They add depth, clarity, and a complete feel to your intended message. Because these signs are highly customisable, they can be installed in many different parts of the business to attract customers and improve your margins.

In fact, where you choose to install your 3D sign will determine the size, font, colour and shape of your sign. Here are a few useful installation ideas.     

1. As a welcome sign in your lobby

Your corporate building sign is a representation of your overall brand. From the materials you use to the size and positioning of your 3D sign, both employees and customers will respond in a specific way to your welcome sign.

3D signs are excellent options for your welcome sign because they give off a quality and high-end appearance. You can also add lighting and unique designs to make your sign look even more attractive.

When selecting a size and font, make sure you have the nature of your business in mind. Large signs work well for corporate chains, while a mid-sized sign is a good reflection of your local business.

2. On your storefront

3D signs also look excellent on the front of your store. You can install them above the main entrance, or on the walls that surround your premises. 3D storefront signs come with many different design options.

A non-illuminated sign gives off a classic look and is a perfect fit for companies that have been operating for decades. If you just opened a new store at your specific location, add some backlighting to the sign to make it clearly visible. When using 3D signs on your storefront, opt for individually cut letters that resonate from a distance.

3. On display windows 

Does your business have large display windows for promoting various items? Turn this surface into an advertising weapon with 3D signs. When installing such signs on your windows, opt for a convenient material that's easy to install and maintain.

Acrylic, foam, and PVC are useful options to consider. Dimensional letters also work well for windows because they come in one unit that can be attached and detached from various window surfaces. 

4. On billboards 

You can also create a billboard out of 3D signs. Instead of using a large piece of fabric or an LED panel, individually cut letters can be installed with your intended message being displayed. You may also opt for channel letters with various designs (and lighting) to make the billboard attractive.   

Use these ideas to choose the perfect 3D corporate sign for your business, and get in touch with a sign company like Mark Gresham Sign Corporation for help in designing, creating and installing the new piece on your property.